Costs of an estate administration in Germany

The settlement of an estate often takes a long time, which mostly depends on the size of the estate and processes related to the settlement. Several reasons why it may become more time consuming:

  • Several condominiums or houses scattered all over Germany or in neighboring European countries must be sold
  • Valuables have to be secured, auctioned of or sold in advance
  • Houses or flats have to be cleared and sold in the best possible way
  • Authorities or insurance companies have to be contacted
  • Debts of the estate need to be settled
  • Legal disputes of the testator need to be settled
  • Tax matters have to be examined and regulated

Upon request, in certain cases the actual time spent can be invoiced. My hourly rate is 190,00 € per hour plus expenses and sales tax. A fee agreement on an hourly basis with the lawyer is only worthwhile for the heirs if the time spent is manageable.

Most clients, however, would like to agree on an arrangement based on a flat-rate fee based on the estate's total asset value.

In principle, I agree on the lump sum for my activities in accordance with the recommendation of the German Association of Notaries, which is also recognized by German courts. This recommendation is called "Neue Rheinische Tabelle".

In the case of the "Neue Rheinische Tabelle", in addition to a fixed basic amount, variable surcharges for the individual activities are defined, that the fee can be adjusted to the individual work and responsibility of the specific case.

If desired, I can provide you with further information or clarify this in a personal meeting or a call.